Finesse Online is your first choice for all your gifts

Finesse is an online store with a unique concept where one can find renowned brands, each offering unique style and products, within their portfolio.  Each brand is represented individually within their dedicated space,  yet still found under the same roof, makes it convenience for customers looking to find the perfect home decoration, jewellery, furniture and/or gifts for any occasion.   We look forward to meet and greet you at our outlet and showcase our amazing and beautifully crafted products, which are unique to the local market.

HOME – One of the brands will be solely dedicated to high end home decor which will include soft furnishings, unique furniture pieces, armchairs, dining products amongst other things.

BEAUTY –Our most popular brand brings a collection of products suitable for all the family. This brand will bring different collections of home scents & diffusers, candles, perfumes, creams and baby products.

GIFTWARE – We are partnering with one of the oldest and most successful brands in the giftware and jewelry segment. Experts in their own area they specialise in jewels, crystals, grand chandeliers amongst other things. Their unique collections of luxurious and precious stones are used widely within the fashion industry and their jewels worn by famous personalities during special occasions, such as red carpets and premiers.

COLLECTABLES – Other brands will include mosaic and stone figurines and icons, dining table decorations, festive products and gifts, wedding lists, loose furniture, bathroom and bedroom accessories.