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Seven touches to give your home a Parisian feel!


Mathilde M. lists seven touches to give your home a Parisian feel…

PARIS is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. with its architecture, museums, bridges. cathedrals, sidewalk cafes. luxurious boulevards and its fine cuisine. Living there must be a dream … but you can make it a sort of reality by creating a Parisian-inspired home and achieve that feel of French elegance through the addition of a few simple touches to your interior design. 

Here are seven ideas to help you with your project: 

Make your rooms stand out.



Make your rooms stand out by adding an oversized gilded mirror. The bigger,  the better! It is a trend in Parisian homes to have a mirror sitting or hung on top of a marble fireplace in the living or dining area. Of course, the theme must be continued. and the mantelpiece decorated with French-inspired ornaments such as big and bulky candle holders, sculptures and candelabra. 


A French themed bathroom.



The bathroom is a space where a French theme would fit perfectly. It is important that natural materials are used for the floor and walls. as well as light pastel colours. Unless you opt for a classic themed wallpaper to create a cosy feature wall. 

Adding a free-standing classic bath, preferably with antique gold painted legs and matching old style faucets would make the room stand out.  While if there is enough space. you can also add a small baroque­ style dresser, or a large oversized mirror against the walls. A wooden or crystal chandelier would complete the room by giving it that touch of class. 

A chic Parisian home is about patterns.



A chic Parisian home is all about creating interesting patterns, shapely pieces and a subdued palette. So. keep away from using bold and bright colours. If you want to add some vibrancy to your space, a classic wall painting would do the trick perfectly. 


There are no specific rules, add yours!



There are no specific rules when adding that Parisian touch to your space and you can experiment as the ideas flow. Mixing modern and traditional styles by adding a modern rug, an unusual lamp, or some modern art prints can inject a bit of playfulness in your room and make it more interesting. 



 White moulded walls are a typical signature.


White molded walls are a typical signature of French culture, a tradition that started way back in the 14th century in French churches, got refined by time and started to inhabit the residences of the nobility of France in the 17th century.   


A touch of gold is also customary as glamour is a player.


A touch of gold is also customary as glamour is a major player in Parisian interiors, and that little bit can often be the key to achieving the objective. It doesn’t need to be a focal point. Adding just a few touches, such as table legs painted in antique gold, installing gold handles or knobs to your windows and doors, or just hanging a gilded frame over a fireplace can equally have a major effect on the whole room. 


A french themed space is not complete without essentials.


A French-themed space is not complete unless a few obligatory essentials are included. Large antique rugs, vintage wooden or crystal chandeliers, floral wallpaper or wallpaper that mimics classical architecture.  Distinctive armchairs, throws, cushions and sculptures are just a few of these. 

The best Parisian interiors are a mix of periods and styles, so don’t be afraid to mix and not match. After all. the fun of decorating a space is to venture on a varied journey; then choose what fits your lifestyle for that truly personalised French-inspired space.  


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Article was published on Places Magazine in December 2019.



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