Our collection of scents

Created by Master Perfumers from Grasse, our perfumes enchant the interiors with poetic and refined scents. Let yourself be guided to find the one who will enchant you … 

TheOrientals ourscentsatFinesse
TheOrientals ourscentsatFinesse
TheOrientals ourscentsatFinesse
The Orientals

Sensual and bewitching scents, deliciously warm and feminine. 

Ourcollectionofscents Marquise


Emblematic fragrance of Mathilde M., with an assertive feminine character, this precious and irresistibly sensual fragrance, combines woody and spicy notes with the sweetness of vanilla and musks. Belle Marquise, your beautiful eyes make me swoon …

Ourcollectionofscents DivineMarquise

Divine Marquise

Elegant and sensual, an addictive fragrance with delicious notes of pralines, enveloped in a mesmerizing oriental accord of amber and patchouli. For all the Marquesas of modern times.

Ourcollectionofscents Angelique


Bewitching, this intense scent reveals in its heart a generous bouquet of flowers, illuminated by warm oriental notes. A marquise with assertive sensuality, a forbidden fragrance that invites transgression …

Ourcollectionofscents SilkyFabric

Silky Fabric 

In the privacy of her boudoir, an elegant woman is preparing to go out, sublimated with silk and precious jewelry. Like its sophisticated interior, it exudes a bewitching scent combining fruity and floral notes that end in the sensuality of an oriental gourmet accord.

Ourcollectionofscents HeartofAmber

Heart of Amber

Warm and bewitching, amber goes well with vanilla and patchouli. Perfume of a thousand and one nights, the embodiment of refinement, amber radiates its rich and captivating scent … 



This fragrance was imagined as a floral delicacy and marks the meeting between a gourmet honey and a bouquet and jasmine and orange blossom. An addictive scent, delicately sweet, exquisitely flowery and wildly carnal.

Thesoft ourscentsatFinesse
Thesoft ourscentsatFinesse
Thesoft ourscentsatFinesse
The soft

Comforting fragrances delicately powdered and overflowing with tenderness.

CottonPowder OurScents

Cotton flower 

A soft and enveloping scent born from the marriage of white flowers, cotton and precious wood recalling the scent of clean linen escaping from the cupboards of yesteryear. 

TeddyBear OurScents

Teddy bear

A fresh and floral fragrance, with soothing notes of jasmine and orange blossom for a delicious return to childhood. 

ricepowder OurScents

Rice powder 

Feminine elegance with an old-fashioned charm, its powdery and flowery notes evoke the powder compacts of yesteryear, the atmosphere of a refined feminine boudoir … A tender and reassuring perfume which invites to a sweet reverie. 

TheFleuris ourscents
TheFleuris ourscents
TheFleuris ourscents
The Fleuris

Poetic fragrances that magnify the most beautiful flowers with refinement. 

Astree Ourscents


Radiant, romantic and feminine … The fresh and sparkling notes of citrus fruits reveal a bright and sunny bouquet of orange blossom and jasmine, enhanced with a warm oriental accord around amber and patchouli. 

RoseElegant Ourscents

Elegant Rose 

Symbol of femininity and romance, Mathilde M. sublimates with poetry the majestic queen of flowers. A fresh and feminine fragrance, where the emblematic rose is raised with an armful of peonies, to wrap itself in a soft wake of white musk. A refined interior fragrance, which invites tenderness. 

PreciousBouquet OurScents

Precious Bouquet 

This vibrant floral composition was imagined as a precious jewel of white flowers. She signs the marriage of sublime jasmine and creamy tuberose, wrapped in sweet notes of sandalwood and vanilla. A walk in an imaginary garden, where elegance reigns.

Fruity OurScents
Fruity OurScents
TheFleuris ourscents

Sparkling scents, inviting to a flight towards the beautiful days. 


Beautiful flight 

Deliciously fruity, a sparkling scent where the zesty freshness of grapefruit, the sweetness of sublime jasmine and the invigorating notes of water flowers intertwine. A flight towards the beautiful days.

Fruity OurScents

Fruity Romance 

A stroll through a bucolic garden … Flowering groves undulate in a light breeze and exhale their sweet scent. A spring scent harmoniously combining gourmet fruits and just blooming flowers.

Fruity OurScents


Spring, the sweet scent of cherry blossoms blends with delicately sweet notes of red fruit, almond and vanilla. The enchanting evocation of the first beautiful days…

Romantic scents to add a veil of refined freshness.
Expense our Scent

Romantic scents to add a veil of refined freshness. 

Expenses Ourscents

Powdered Opaline

The delicately fruity flowery freshness of a bouquet of roses and freesia in their opaline vase, settles like a powdery veil in the house. A tender and poetic interior fragrance, brimming with romanticism …

Iconic Ourscents
Iconic Ourscents
Iconic Ourscents
Iconic Collection

Exceptional scents born from the daring marriage of noble ingredients, for a royal wake. 

Iconic OurScents

Noble Citron

The tonic and tangy scent of the citron blends with the intoxicating notes of sage and basil. An aromatic fruity scent, with the secret freshness of the iconic Eau de Cologne …

Iconic OurScents

Majestic lily

The lily, king of flowers, dresses freshly in jasmine and angelica, and is boldly adorned with cardamom. A spicy floral scent, pure presence …

Iconic OurScents

Imperial ebony

The powerful and captivating character of ebony dominates the audacious alliance of blackcurrant and exotic spices wrapped in vanilla notes. A fruity woody scent, like a scent of power.

Iconic OurScents

Royal White Tea

The fresh and luminous scent of white tea envelops your interior with delicate osmanthus, fruity mirabelle plum and velvety musks. A fruity, refined and elegant floral scent …

Iconic OurScents

Precious Tonka

Like a jewel, the tonka bean is highlighted by a sensual oriental accord of amber and vanilla mixed with spicy notes of anise and licorice. A spicy woody scent, a real scented treasure.

Iconic OurScents

Sovereign Amber

In the throne room, a majestic scepter set with precious stones illustrates the magnificence of the king. In his image, a mysterious scent with many facets: a daring oriental fragrance, the meeting of a bewitching amber and a velvety rose.