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The World of Crystal Inspirations

PRECIOSA are the leaders and one of the oldest companies specialising in Bohemian crystals and glass.  Their jewellery and crystals are used by many fashion designers houses Worldwide, making PRECIOSA the market leader within their field.  PRECIOSA creates luxurious jewellery, crystal decorations and figurines, grand chandeliers and lighting products amongst most other bespoke glassware creations.  Their fine and unique collections are very much sought-after as their products are crafted from the centuries-old tradition of Bohemian cut crystal, enriched with craftsmanship skills and the most advance technologies. PRECIOSA represents the essence of fine and elegant beauty.

Logo MM

The Refinement of French Art de Vivre.

Mathilde M. brings products that are uniquely and beautifully designed with a shabby chic French concept.  All their creations are designed to bring a touch of romance and sweetness into your home, focusing on feminine products inspired by the French 15th Century Renaissance.    Their main product lines are named after noble women from the French aristocrat class and one can admire the level of detail in all their creations, most are handcrafted to retain its originality. 



The essence about the feminine way of living

Since the beginning, Blanc D’Ivoire has been forging its own unique style based on harmonies between grey & natural hues.  It creates a new language by infusing classic designs with a spirit of contemporary elegance, bringing a new trend into being.  A subtle, chic and refined way of life that emanates tenderness and warmth.  An art of living which has made diversity its hallmark and has transformed the world of interior design.

linea sette

Harmony combined with Essence & Craftsmanship

Lineasette’s is an Italian manufacturer of handcrafted artworks products with a unique signature and modern design.  All their artwork is produced in stoneware porcelain, a ceramic material which is waterproof and resistant, and with its flexibility, it gives an elegant and distinctive piece of art.  Through the artist’s heart feelings, state of mind and use of their hands, they mould through the elements of water, earth and then fire to create the most outstanding and unique pieces of the Lineasette’s collections.  Craftsmanship combined with years of artistic experience comes together to create the most unique and beautifully crafted fine pieces of artwork, which will compliment any space in your home.